What are the 5 signs that you are afraid of falling in love?

5 Signs that you are afraid of falling in love

You are a great person but you’re still single? While you may have a set of valid reasons for this aspect of your life, reasons to tell yourself and others around you, the real reason may be the fact that you are afraid of falling in love. It is true that the outcome of our relationship is not always positive and even hurts us, but that doesn’t mean we should stop looking for the right person. You see, if you are afraid of something or have negative thoughts or feelings about it, the Law of Attraction will work against you. In other words, if you don’t change your attitude toward relationships into a positive one, then life will stir you away from the possibility of finding the right relationship. Here are signs that will show the fact that you are afraid of love.

1. Your emotions and feelings are stuck in your past
Your fear is very much present because you are still living in the past. You were probably hurt by a person in your life, at some point, and you haven’t managed to get through it. Yes, you may have gone out on a couple of dates, but as soon as you end up falling for your date, you freak out and run away, scared by the ghosts of your past. You need to remember that the past is gone and there’s nothing you can do to change it, so you’d better focus on the present and work on your happiness.

2. You see yourself as a person that is hard to be loved
Your defensive wall may be rather high at this point, raised in time by your need to protect yourself against anything that may hurt you. So, you may see yourself as a person that is hard to reach, often a tough person, who may lack the qualities of a soft and sensitive person. The reality is that you have all these qualities in you, only that you forgot all about them. Also, you need to practice self-love if you want others to love you as well. What you think and feel will be projected on the outside as well and this is what the people around you will sense and see.

3. You hate feeling vulnerable
You avoid opening up to someone because you consider that you’ll become vulnerable once you show and share your emotions. Yes, it may be hard to trust someone, especially after several disappointments, but it will be hard to make a relationship work if you’re not opening up. So don’t see vulnerability as a bad thing because if the person next to you loves you then he or she will want to protect you. Also, to make the process less scary and increase its chances of success, take one step at a time. Be honest with yourself when it comes to what you feel, and do things gradually, as soon as you start feeling more comfortable.

4. You’re afraid that he or she will walk away
People that went through different disappointments in their lives are afraid of falling in love because they are scared that, once they do so, their partner will leave them. Yes, this is something understandable, but you can’t pursue happiness if you live in fear. Also, the person you just met is entirely different from the person that left you, so there’s no point in making negative assumptions. Think and act positively when it comes to your relationship and the Law of Attraction will give you exactly what you want.

5. You see many unhappy couples and you don’t want to end up in the same situation
Unhappy couples are people that accept being in an unpleasant situation by embracing conflict instead of trying to solve it. Also, they are not aware or want to admit that there are significant differences between them, which also leads to misunderstandings and constant fights. But, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to live the same thing. If you are true to yourself and to your feelings, if you are aware that each of us is different in a way, and that communication is important, then your relationship will be as you want it to be.

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