The Advantages of Getting Older

The Advantages of Getting Older

Most people don’t like thinking about the fact that they get older. As most of us would like to stay young and beautiful for the rest of our lives. But when it comes to practicing self-love and truly appreciating who you are, it doesn’t matter what your age is. Your heart and mind will always be young. Also, believe it or not, there are quite a few advantages of getting old, which tell you that there is absolutely no sense in fighting this natural process that is going to happen anyway. So, instead of living in sadness thinking that you are growing older with each passing year, you should focus on making your life as beautiful as possible. You should use the Law of Attraction. To generate those things you desire and enjoy experiences that will make your life fulfilling.  And, as you are about to find out, using the universal laws will be easier once you reach an older age.

• You stop carrying about what others think and focus more on your priorities
When we are young, all we care about is to fit in, to be accepted by our friends, the group of people we hang out with, the community, and so on. We think that stereotypes are the way to go and if we have the misfortune not to fit in one of these “agreed” stereotypes, we live a real tragedy. Well, as we grow old, we come to realize that all of these things are shallow and bring nothing but sadness and self-depreciation. Once we reach an older age, we understand that it is important to please ourselves as well, to do our best to experience happiness, and do the things we enjoy. And even if this may sound selfish, if we don’t love ourselves, no one else will. Also, having in mind that the Law of Attraction is based on generating positive emotions and energy, it is easier to use it when we are older, than when we are our younger yet tragic version.

• You have a clear view of what you want and like and what you don’t want or dislike
While it is rather difficult to decide what is best for you when you are young, everything becomes clearer when you grow older. So, now that you value your time more, you will find it easier to determine what actually matters to you, what deserves your time, effort, and attention, and what doesn’t. Older people focus more on the significant goals of their lives, leaving the meaningless details on the side.

• Your self-worth and self-love will improve significantly
Now that you went through so many, both good and bad, and managed to accumulate a lot of experience and knowledge, you also start to feel your real value. You know what you’re capable of, what are your strengths, and your skills, as all of them have been carefully gathered throughout your entire life. You also start to appreciate who you are more and you finally understood that it is okay, even essential, to draw boundaries and say “no” to the things you know you can’t do. This way, you stay away from losing time on things that will never have the desired outcome and invest more in the aspects that bring more value to your life.

• You will stop having headaches
This is not just a mere assumption as it is a fact backed up by scientific research. Dr. Carl Dahlof, who is the man that founded the famous Gothenburg Migraine Clinic, unrolled a study involving 374 people that were suffering from chronic migraines. The study took place for 12 years in a row, time in which Dr. Dahlof followed the evolution of each subject from a medical point of view. The results of the study showed that as the patients were advancing in age, their migraines occurred rarer and rarer. Only 1% of these patients actually said that their condition got worse, while 80% notices a significant decrease in frequency, 55% said that the duration of the migraines was shorter, and 66% said that the intensity of the pain decreased as well.

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