Four Harmful beliefs that are sabotaging true Love

Four Harmful beliefs that are sabotaging true Love

Finding our true love is one of the biggest dreams most people have. This means that we will be fulfilled from a personal point of view, by enjoying a great relationship. But finding it doesn’t mean that we are outside of the woods. You see, there are some myths and beliefs that can actually ruin things for us. Not everything you hear is good to take into account and adopt in your everyday life. So, if you want to protect your love and relationship, you should be aware of these harmful beliefs. Only this way you will be able to recognize them and not allow them to interfere with your beautiful love life.

1. You can change a person if you try really hard

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes people do when getting involved in a relationship. At first, everything seems perfect. But as you end up knowing your partner better, you also realize that he or she has a set of flaws that make you think whether he or she is actually the right one. This is when you may be tempted to think that you can change a person. You may say that if he or she truly loves you, then he or she may be willing to change, in order to make you happy. While this can be true, it is usually the partner who feels the need to change, as a reaction to the things you classify as bothering. But, if you try to change a person, wishing to transform him or her in the ideal partner, it will be a plan that will most certainly fail.

2. Fighting and tensions mean that you are passionate people

No relationship is perfect and that’s a fact. So, while having a contradictory discussion or even a fight, now and then, these should not be regular occurrences. If you end up fighting too often, it’s not because you are passionate, but because there are serious issues between the two of you that need immediate attention. A constant state of tension within the relationship will slowly erode it and can lead to the destruction of the relationship. For your emotional and mental health, and happiness within the couple, you should improve your communication in order to solve any conflicts that may create such states.

3. Don’t expect to meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect

Meeting “the ONE” is more a movie scenario rather than a real-life event. We all like to believe that this is something that will happen to us, but the truth is that changes are slight. Waiting for the “One” will only make you more frustrated and lonely. And if you are in a relationship and expect the other to be perfect, this is another aspect that will make you unhappy around the clock. You need to be aware that neither of us is perfect. You are not perfect, I am not perfect, and so on. Our imperfections define us as human beings and as persons. So, you should not expect to find the perfect partner, but find one that has a set of defects you can accept and tolerate, and the other way around.

4. Opposites always come together

While this can be true, in some situations, the “opposites attract” theory rarely leads to happy long-term relationships. At first, it can be exciting to be with someone that is different and can help you have new experiences. Such a relationship can be full of surprises, passion, and intensity, but, eventually, the differences in your perspectives will set you apart. It is possible to overcome some differences, but this should be a compromise both of you should make. In most cases, the fact that you are two different people, with different views on life and different interests, will not make the relationship viable for too long.

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