How to never get hurt in a relationship

How to never get hurt in a relationship

Many of us have to go through several and different relationships before we find the right person. Sometimes we even don’t want to start a new relationship to avoid getting hurt again. The truth is that you need to trust the process if you want to find that special one. On the other hand, every relationship will teach you something new and will make you a better and wiser partner. When you find your better half, you will be prepared to take care of the relationship in the best way possible. So, if you want to give a relationship a chance, then go for it. In the meantime, I will share with you some useful tips about how to never get hurt again. Especially if things don’t go as you want.

It is not the other one’s responsibility to make us feel in a particular way

We tend to believe that the way our partner makes us feel is the reason we enjoy a relationship so much. We feel so hurt then when things end. You are entirely responsible for yourself as a person and the way you feel. No one can interfere with your feelings without you allowing your partner to do so. Thus, when you fall in love with someone, it is because you allowed yourself to get to that point. To stay on the safe side until you realize whether the relationship is worth it or not you should be considerate of your own personal circumstances and not put your feelings in the hands of the other.

You need to practice self-love

Self-love is extremely important, not just for your own wellbeing, but also for your relationships. When you love yourself for real, appreciating, and respecting who you are, it will be easier to stop the things that make you unhappy. It will be easier to walk away from the things that do you no good. When you love yourself, people will see you in a different light and will respect you as you are and deserve. By practicing self-love, you use the Law of Attraction to generate the things that make you happy. The thoughts you will send out, you will receive back.

Stop focusing on the negative side and approach challenges in a neutral manner

Relationships are, by nature, imperfect. We are not living in a Disney fairy-tale. Each relationship will bring a new set of challenges in your life. Most people end up getting hurt because they spend too much time focusing on the negative side of their relationships, such as an argument or something the other partner did or did not do. Instead of thinking about how bad your relationship is, it would be much better to be grateful for the experience and to imagine how the relationship could be when nurtured. You need to stop being judgmental and allow yourself the experiences, without filtering them out. Just take each emotion as they come and face them because this is the only way to move forward. Remember emotion is the combination of energy and motion, so choose wisely.

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