How I learned to Love myself

How I learned to Love myself

Practicing self-love is a rather challenging task for most people, as we tend to be quite critical and discontent when it comes to our own person. While a small degree of criticism can actually stimulate us to make better decisions for ourselves, a lot of people don’t know where to stop and where to draw the line. Thus, they end up being constantly dissatisfied with themselves, which also leads to a state of unhappiness, disappointment, and frustration at the same time. But, if you don’t love yourself, how will others love you? If you don’t show that you respect and appreciate who you are, even if you might need some improvements (after all, we all do), how will others do the same for your person? If you take a good look at successful and prosperous people, they all love themselves and are well aware of their capabilities. So, today is the time when we will talk about how to learn to love yourself, how to practice self-love, and how this can take you close to success and the life you want to live.



No one is perfect and that’s a true statement, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot accept our flaws and weak spots. Awareness in these sectors is the first step toward correcting the things you don’t like about yourself, through something that is called “self-development”. Wanting to be a better version of you shows that you care about yourself and that you know that you deserve more, so don’t hesitate to invest time, effort, and resources in developing new skills and learning new things. So, if you want to have a beautiful relationship, if you want to reach success, enjoy wealth, and, above all, have a great health, both physical and mental, you need to start practicing self-love. Do it and you will see that things are going to change in your life.

Differences are what makes us unique, they are not a bad thing, so it is just a matter of perspective. The first thing you need to do if you want to learn how to love yourself is to take better care of your person. Spend time doing the things you enjoy and do your best to look good as well. This means to wear the clothes you like, as long as they are clean, neat, and ironed, to do your hair, wear a bit of makeup if you are a woman, and so on. Then, the next time you see yourself in the mirror, say to yourself that you’re looking great and smile. This simple gesture will definitely change your mood. Turn this into a daily practice and, if you catch yourself being critical of your own person, then stop, forgive yourself, embrace who you are, and move on. Even the most famous people, those that are loved by an entire world, have flaws as well, and they didn’t trip over them on their path toward success. And neither should you.

Instead of composing a list of the things you don’t like about yourself, start writing a list of things you love about your own person. Stop talking badly to yourself, treat yourself with kindness and love, appreciate your accomplishments even if they are small ones, start complimenting your person, and respect yourself. If you do all these, you will reflect a positive energy around you that will make others do the same things for you. So, before you notice, people will start being respectful, will appreciate you more, will smile to you and compliment you, and, of course, will love you. Thus, everything starts with you. You are your own mirror when you’re out in the world, so treat yourself the way you want others to treat you and the way you treat others in your own turn.

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