4 Signs that you are attracting insecurity

  1. You fall in love fast and up to your ears
  2. Your romantic relationships probably start very abruptly and you get totally involved right from the start. In many occasions, you may have just met someone and rapidly believed that he or she is the ONE. In successful relationships, the connection and intimacy between two people take time to grow and develop. But when a person is insecure and constantly fears that nothing will stick around for too long, a need for urgency is created so you’ll try to do everything on fast-forward. You need to slow down, think positive, enjoy every moment of your life, and let things flow normally, and your life will definitely be much better.

  3. You tend to pick partners that either convince you to enter a relationship or need to be saved
  4. Insecure people usually find as partners needy persons, due to an unconscious need to prove that there are others with bigger insecurities and fears than them. While you may feel more secure around people that need you, this won’t help you too much because it won’t solve your insecurities. When you are truly secure, then you will manage to attract secure people in your life.

  5. You constantly find yourself complaining that things aren’t good enough
  6. Setting high standards creates a false impression of security, as you are not confident enough to go for these standards. Also, when you are insecure, nothing will ever seem sufficient or good enough because you will always have the suspicion that something is wrong or may go wrong. So, when you are insecure, your entire life is insecure, which means that you constantly live in stress and lack of satisfaction. You need to increase your self-esteem by practicing self-love and stop being afraid of failures, as they are just lessons to be learned, and you’ll start living a more beautiful life.

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