What is narcissism and difference between covert and overt narcissism

What is narcissism and difference between covert and overt narcissism



Healthy self-esteem and consideration toward your own person are always welcome. I recommend to respect and love yourself if you want to receive love and respect from the people around you. But when are we talking about good self-respect and narcissism? When do we cross to the other side and deal with narcissism? For this, we have to understand what narcissism is and how it manifests. Narcissists usually don’t think that they have a problem, as it is a personality disorder that can be rather hard to detect. While you may think that you are simply facing a difficult person, you may actually have to deal with a narcissist.

What is narcissism and how does it manifest? Narcissism is actually a mental condition that triggers personality disorders. A narcissist will always position himself or herself above others and will crave for attention. His or her needs will prime first, this is why personal relationships with this kind of people will be difficult. Although the self-esteem of a narcissist will appear to be strong, this is just a mask. Underneath, the narcissist is incredibly sensitive to criticism, regardless of its nature. Such a person will always consider that he or she deserves credits, appreciation, and admiration. Not getting them will make this person very unhappy and upset, as a narcissist will constantly believe that they should get all the merits all the time.

It is very hard to live with a narcissist, as their own personal matters the most in this world and they will hardly ever listen to the needs, wishes, or desires of anyone else. Everything about their life is about perfection and admiration. Even their life partners are supposed to something that will make them shine more in society. They will also aim to have the best there is, like the best car, gadgets, or clothes. Narcissists are the kind that usually boasts and brag with what they have, out of the desire to feel admired.

But, believe it or not, not all narcissists crave for attention. There are two types of narcissists, the covert and overt. The overt is the type of narcissists that crave to have all the attention they can get. They are ones that are not afraid to be exhibitionists, to directly demand attention and admiration.

The covert narcissists, on the other hand, are actually shy, charming and introvert people. That´s why are covert narcissists hard to recognize. Their words usually don’t match the reality.  So, the overt narcissists can be considered the classic type of narcissists. They are ones that are not afraid to be exhibitionists, to directly demand attention and admiration. Both types get visibly upset at the slightest sign of criticism. It is like they are emotionally in their childhood. They also believe that they deserve the best, but don’t have the confidence to pursue their dreams or interests.

They are able to love to bomb their target for a short period of time. Then they start to discard if their demand on attention and admiration has not been met. They are the kind that is jealous and envious of other’s success and social life and, in spite of craving for glory, are usually filled with shame and doubts about their own abilities. Because the covert narcissists have no aims in their life, will often suffer out of boredom and disappointment of not having the life they dream about. They cannot find contact with their true self and will always blame their surrounding.

Unfortunately, narcissism is a mental and behavioral condition. A narcissist will display the same type of behavior throughout his or her life. It is alright to think that you deserve better or the best in life. But when this kind of thoughts disregard the existence of others, it is possible to talk about a mental and behavioral disorder. Narcissism is a burden both for those that suffer from it and for those that live around narcissists. Although narcissists may seem extremely proud and content with his or her own person, they will never be happy with their lives.

It is good to be confident in your own skills and abilities, but you also need to see your flaws and be humble. Not because that will take a bit off your self-worth, but because it will show you where you need to improve and what to correct about your own person. No one is perfect and it takes a great deal of power to admit your own mistakes and flaws.

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