Finding your soulmate and how do you recognize him or her?

Finding your soulmate

There is a chance in your life when you’re open for it, you are blessed and you will meet your soulmate. It can cause a restless and sometimes confusing feeling because it is a connection that is different from what you are used to. Actually, there are no words that describe what such a connection entails.

It’s a magical form of energy, an intuitive thing where everything just feels right. Often, finding a soulmate occurs unexpectedly, sometimes even at inconvenient moments, but nothing is further from the truth. It’s like meeting someone for the first time, but in your heart it feels like you have known each other for years. This is different. This is real.

Intimacy (even before the first kiss) is indescribable and if you look at each other, it feels as if you can see what the other is feeling at that very moment. Soulmates are people who get the best out of you. They are a perfect match because they are perfect for you. Even with all your imperfections. You respect and trust each other completely. You walk around with a big smile all day long. A smile that makes you feel complete. Complete because you have already processed your past and created inner peace. The peace you radiate works like a magnet for each other and for your environment. Everyone wants to know your secret. It’s as if you can handle the rest of the world.

How do you recognize your soulmate?

If your partner is your soulmate then there is a chance that he or she has been around in earlier life stages. You can even get a kind of déjà vu, as if the moment has already taken place somewhere else, maybe a long time ago.

Ever encountered two people who finish each other’s sentences? Understanding each other’s word games? Send messages to eachother at the same time? And if you first meet you notice that you have the same taste in furniture? Soulmates often have a mental indivisible connection that is comparable to twins.

You will also fall in love with his or her flaws. Not one relationship is perfect and even soulmates will have their ups and downs. And yet, that connection is much harder to break. It’s a lot easier for soulmates to accept each other’s imperfections, even to love them. John Legend calls it the perfect imperfections. Sometimes it may be frightening that there is nothing that bothers you.

Soulmates see their relationship very often as “us against the world”. They feel so connected that they are ready and willing to challenge every aspect of life as long as they have their soul mate on their side.

Because of your soul mate, you feel like there’s a guardian angel next to you. Someone who consciously or unconsciously responds to your uncertainties is not your soulmate. Somebody who is unconsciously competent in compensating your uncertainties is. Soulmates go through thick and thin for each other. They will do everything for their partner.

A soulmate is not someone you easily walk away from. You can’t imagine that you will ever be without him / her. He or she is someone you believe is worth fighting for.

Soulmates tend to look each other in the eyes more often and longer than ordinary couples when they talk to each other. This arises from a deep-rooted relationship between them. Looking at someone while talking shows a great deal of ease and trust.

How do you find your soulmate?

Your soul mate does not find you, you will be found, so be patient! Believe me if you already think that a monastery is your best option but at the same time you secretly manifest what you really want and express or desire this wish, it can happen unexpectedly. Your inner peace must be present. That is a pre-condition. You must first love yourself to attract your soulmate.

Soulmates can be vulnerable. Vulnerability is according to men, something that belongs only to fragile women. This is not true. Through vulnerability, you become more powerful and you will become who you are in reality.

Soulmates do, feel and say the same thing at the same time. Say what you think at the moment. It does not always have to be important things. Your brain also registers small things, a child that plays, a butterfly flying past, a text on a wall that makes you smile. You will see that your soulmate will probably register exactly the same. You will see that you finish each other’s sentences.

Process negative emotions and push them aside. Negative emotions lead to negativism. After all, what you think will happen. You create your own world with your own ideas. Negative people often create a negative life around themselves (you probably know people who complain about everything all day). Positively tuned people radiate joy and love and will receive that back. One of the most negative emotions is jealousy. Often blindness arises from uncertainty or fear of losing your partner. That uncertainty is often fed by insufficiently investing in each other. People are constantly comparing and thus creating the uncertainty in themselves. The connection between soulmates is so strong that there is no room for jealousy. They are strong and stable within themselves and have no room for comparison with the outside world. Where others are jealous, a soulmate will actually enjoy the interaction the partner has with other people. He or she will know that another can’t reach that level of relationship; 100% trust.

Follow your heart! Of course, in addition to your heart, also your brain and for some, your gut feeling approve the relationship, but it is your heart who first gives a signal. Eventually, you become a better, more beautiful, happier and indescribable magnetic person with your soulmate!

The journey is the destination

You have a very strong connection, a virtual rope. Regardless of where you are or even when you can’t be together for a while, the rope is always their like a soul that is “everlasting”.

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